Why would you choose to eat raw?

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Twice today

So I'm sitting here eating a very late dinner. (Yell at me later1!) And enjoying it more than I thought I would. I must be honest, as I was preparing it ('Cause I can't really say cook it any more can I?) I was thinking "Am I really gonna be able to do this? Do I really want to?" The answer to both is yes, but it's funny how intimidating a life change like this can be. I figured I needed to be honest with my apprehension on the food. which is why I included it in this blog. I don't want others trying this and thinking is so damn easy so I want to include some of my random thoughts!

So back to the late dinner. It's pretty basic. It's the aforementioned Zucchini Pasta.

Raw Zucchini Pasta
one sliced or spiraled zucchini which serves as the pasta

Raw Spaghetti Sauce
one tomato
one red bell pepper
one celery stalk
dry basil
10 reconstituted sun dried tomatoes
Place it in a blender and puree. Pour it over the zucchini pasta and enjoy. It tastes like regular sauce and is really good.

So I've been telling my family about this and they kinda think I'm crazy. It's hard to see any really support there. But that's not new for my family. Historically they have always been very supportive of many of the things I've done, but my food choices they are baffled by! Honestly, they seemed to take my coming out as a gay man better that they have taken the different stages of being a vegetarian/vegan/rawist(?). I guess they view my orientation, rightfully so, as not being a choice, but the foods I eat, now that is a choice! Oh well. : )

I picked up a mandoline to cut my fruits and vegetables. It was specifically recommended for when I dehydrate foods. Which by the way, I have three trays of leftover zucchini in the dehydrator as well. I also picked up a B-12 supplement. I figure it can't hurt either way.

Should I include the entire recipe for what I eat here? Please give me feedback on that, thanks!

I'm not sure that I will post every day but I will try to be fairly regular!


  1. If you make soemthing that's good, most definitely share the recipe! The sauce sound awesome.

    So can I ask a dumb question?? You are dehydrating veggis with the intent on re- hydrating later?? Or are you making, like, zucchini jerky??? LOL! I'm interested to see how the veggies are after reconstitution.

  2. Here is the Raw Spaghetti recipie

    Raw Spaghetti
    Compliments of Rick Dina, D.C.
    2 medium green zuccini, as thick (fat) and straight as possible.
    “Spiralize” in “Saladacco (Spiral Slicer)”, or similar machine. Shredded zuccini can work also, but the authentic “pasta effect” is not as notable.
    Arrange on plate similar to pasta.
    Pasta Sauce
    10-12 “sundried” tomatoes, allow to soak for several minutes in warm water to soften.
    1 large fresh tomato
    1 large red pepper
    1-2 stalks of celery
    1 clove garlic
    (4-5 fresh basil leaves)
    Blend all of the sauce ingredients in a blender or Food Processor. Add the soaked sundried tomatoes last, a few at a time.
    Pour nicely over the zucchini “pasta”. Some fresh curly parsley sprinkled over the top adds a nice touch!
    Other Options
    Make a sauce of raw tahini, lime juice, and a little water to drizzle on the top for extra taste and presentation.
    Add pieces of sprouted sunflower patties on top of the dish as “meatballs”.

  3. Steph, I am mostly just dehydrating to eat as a kinda veggie/fruit jerky!

  4. hey, marek! sounds really good. (though i would have to do it without peppers.) are the sprouted sunflower patties pre-packaged ones or do you have a recipe for that also?
    maybe you could spiral cut such a long zucchini "pasta" thread that it would vie for a spot in guiness world book of records. (hey, it a curly french fry can qualify....)

  5. (oops, that's guinness world book of records and "if" not "it")

  6. I didn't find the srouted sunflower patties so....