Why would you choose to eat raw?

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Chocolate Pudding on a raw diet?

Yes sir! You can have chocolate pudding on a raw diet! I just made it and had it. Even let my sister and niece try it, both of who gave it a polite if not enthusiastic thumbs up. I think in part because, even before they knew what was in it, they knew it wasn't dairy so there was some reluctance to like it.

A big plus to this desert was that it was so easy!

Raw Chocolate Pudding
2 cups avocados
1/4 cup cocoa
1/4 agave nectar
4 dates (soaked at least 45 minutes)
1/4 cup date water
3 tbs fresh squeezed orange Juice
2 tsp orange zest

Throw in a blender till creamy. Keeps for two or three days in the fridge.

This is really good but there are a few things to note. I made two batches, one with Haas Avocados and a second one with Florida Avocados. The Haas seemed to work much better. There really was no comparing. Also I found no hint of Orange in the recipe so I don't think it is necessary. There are a number of different recipes on line, check other ones out. tell me what you think.

Today went pretty well. I had the previously stated Breakfast and lunch. For dinner i was pretty lazy and finished off the Sunburgers. I wasn't sure That I could make it through four days and was even starting to wonder if I could do a full three to four weeks. I'm now thinking I could. So I will finish up tomorrow and take the weekend off. But I will be careful not to eat wild. Thanks for the support out there! Nancy, I know you are keeping up with my blog while on vacation, right? lol Talk to ya when ya get back! Enjoy!


  1. Wow! Sounds great!!!! Congrats on a successful dessert!!!

  2. Hi there!! I'm Joe's sister & didn't realize you had a blog. Very interesting!! I like!! I have a recipe for a chocolate cream pie made with tofu. I'm sure you could tweak the crust & the chocolate chips in it to fit your needs. If you would like it, let me know. Also, I follow a great blog by a woman who is vegan & sucessfully became a lifetimer at Weight Watchers, if you'd like that for some tips/inspiration. One question, how long have you been diabetic? I was diagnosed about 4 years ago, maybe we could share tips & such.... Keep up the good work!!!!