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Friday, August 6, 2010

Putting my foot down

I really feel like I've been lolly gagging (SP?)with committing to the raw food diet, so today I've stepped in and am doing my two consecutive days. I started with it yesterday but chickened out. So today I'm back and I've made. One down, a second day to go. The worse parts have been in the evening when I've been really craving foods I can't eat. A big craving is popcorn. I want to just sneak into the kitchen and pop myself a bag. (Then I realize that i don't need to sneak because I live alone.)

Breakfast was my shake that I usually make. (Tomorrow I will do something with a mango) lunch was a salad at The Towne restaurant. There was only one little bump in the road and that was that The Towne didn't have plain balsamic Vinegar, all they had was a dressing which I decided to use. I also was craving coffee this morning (Decaf actually) and am not sure if I could cheat with that. I guess I need to figure out what I'm gonna let myself get away with and what will be unacceptable.

I went shopping and purchased some canning jars which will allow me to do two things, first I was able to take the different spices and powders I've bought and secure them in jars, secondly, I can start sprouting, as I've also bought cheese cloth!

I also woke up to two trays of flax seed crackers. They turned out pretty good. I'm wondering if I can tweak them and make them a sweet cracker. I might try that soon.

My Dr is having me check my blood sugar more frequently each day. Today the highest was 209 (Which is very good for me) all the way down to 136 which is the lowest it's been since I've started testing. we'll see how that goes.

BTW, today and Friday are raw, I'm off it totally Saturday (Family reunion and wedding so.....) gonna do like 1/2 a day Sunday and then try 5 consecutive days starting Monday.

I just realized that I can edit a post instead of commenting, so ere is a link to the video that first inspired me.

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  1. Opps, I forgot to mention dinner. I had two crackers with peanut butter and I madea cucumber cilantro soup. It was just ok. I Chilled half to eat tomorrow and see if it tastes better then.