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Sunday, August 15, 2010

I (mostly) made it through a full five days!

Well Thinks got a bit screwed up on Friday. To make a long story short, I couldn't sleep Thursday night and went to work with only 2 hrs of sleep. So as soon as I got home I fell right a sleep. I was supposed to go out with a friend at 9:00 PM and woke up too late to prepare something raw to eat. So we hung for a few and I stopped off to pick up some food. Well I wound up eating a couple of spring rolls with the sheet chili sauce. Ok there. Mostly raw! Well i also picked up some chocolate covered almonds and came home and ate a few more things., Nothing major, but nothing raw! So I made it for 4 and 3/4's days. I'm pretty proud of that!

I'll go back to it on Monday. I bought some more sunflower seeds and plan to make some more sunburgers! I'll as be sprouting some garbanzo beans to make raw Hummus. I'll let ya know how that goes.

It was cool weird, I stopped in a cooking supply store and asked for a spiraler for veggies. They asked why, assuming it was for decorative cooking, an I informed them that i was working towards a raw diet. It turns out that two of them had just been talking about raw diets, one had done it a few years ago and the other was investigating starting. I'm not sure how far she has gotten. So I told them about my blog, I hope they check it out! (Hello if you have!) The one woman asked why I was doing this and I told her about my blood sugar and she suggested Cinnamon pills so I've bought some and started tonight. (I'd heard about it before but had never checked it out.) Here to hoping that it helps!

Along with my raw morning shake, I had a bagel this AM (Thanks Tom Horton's!) The reason i mention it is because right after eating it my acid reflux started to kick in. Someone had suggested that it might be a wheat gluten issue. I'll have to watch closer as I switch on and off between the two! Well I'm off. I probably won't right again till Monday. Till Then!

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