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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Raw's More Wonderful, The Second Time Around

Well I'm working on my second, non-consecutive week. I took Saturday and Sunday off and I must be honest, I ate too many things that I hadn't had in the previous five days. It wasn't a complete 360 but I didn't love my eating response. Part of what I'm disappointed in is that I said that I would eat half raw and half cooked, well i only ate cooked. I think I threw in a juice on Sunday to assuage my guilt, but for all intensive purposes, I ate cooked. This weekend will be the last weekend for a month, when I plan to eat cooked and that will only be one day, Saturday. I'm going to the Fair and I don't imagine that there will be much to sustain me on a raw diet. In all truth, It's hard enough to eat vegetarian there let alone raw!

Today and yesterday have gone well. I've been packing uncooked oats for breakfast and a hearty salad for lunch. Those usually tide me over till I get home and have a snack.

I've made another batch of Sunburgers and I'm really enjoying them. I def though need to find other dinner meals. Breakfast and lunch have been easy. Dinner has been a little tougher. I ordered a few more raw food books. One that was suggested by my friend Nancy; Raw: The Uncookbook by Juliano Brotman and two others; Raw foods for Busy People by Jordan Maerin, and Ani's Raw Food Kitchen by Ani Phyo. I'll let you know what I think of them when I get them and try some recipes out!

My Weight still says I've officially lost about 12 lbs. I'm hoping to drop a few more this week. Really good news on the Blood Sugar front, today my blood sugar was 106. That's as close to normal as I've ever been since I started testing myself. If this continues I can start to investigate decreasing my insulin!

Well tomorrow will already be hump day and it doesn't even feel like it is! It's definitely getting easier. Wanna join me?

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